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  • Beta Sigma members have earned many distinctions ...


    Significant Sigs: The General Fraternity’s highest honor for outstanding achievements in the profession.  As of Oct. 2014, there are 22 Honorees from UT’s Beta Sigma Chapter, including a current Judge, a U.S. Senator, a football icon, and a "Pilot."


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    Beta Sigmas in recent "classes" of Significant Sigs:





    Kem Hinton FAIA, '77, Principal, Tuck-Hinton Architects in Nashville. Fellow, American Institute of Architects.



    From the "Pop Quiz" on the Home page: What do these 4 Sigma Chi alumni have in common?  Answer:  They were all named Significant Sigs in the 2011-12 Class.

    * James A. Haslam III, '76, now president of Pilot Oil Co. (Yes, his dad Jim is already a Significant Sig).

    * Kenneth A. Cutshaw, '75, President, Int'l of Quiznos, since 2012.  EVP of Church's Chicken, 2005-12.



    * Bill Haslam, Emory '80, from Knoxville, Governor of Tennessee, 2011 - Present.  Mayor of Knoxville, 2003 - 11.

    * Brad Pitt, Missouri '86, actor.

     Four notable Sigma Chis in the 2011-12 Significant Sig class.



  • Sigma Chi’s Order of Constantine:      


    Eight Beta Sigmas have earned Sigma Chi’s highest honor for commitment, dedication and service to the Fraternity.  (One of them started Sigma Chi Derby Week).  


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  • Beta Sigmas Dominate the           College Football Hall of Fame


     Beta Sigma/UT has more honorees in the College Football Hall of Fame than any other Sigma Chi chapter (even more than U.S.C.):